Refining Your Beverage Service

What is service?

Well, maybe we should first look at what service isn’t:

  • Service isn’t an ‘industry’.  Service is a mindset, a life philosophy. Service is an extension of the golden rule into the business environment, treating your customers the way you would like to be treated.
  • Service isn’t shameful. Service is placing the needs of others before our own, essentially making people happy for a living. Service is the opposite of selfishness, an honorable path in every culture.
  • Service isn’t just providing a series of ‘services.’  Service extends beyond rote actions to attitude, body language and even our self-image. Service entails taking pride in anticipating needs and meeting them unasked.
  • Service isn’t an optional ‘extra.’ Service is part of every transaction and one of the primary criteria customers use to evaluate a business. People will forgive a mistake, or even a poor product, if the service is good or at least well-meaning. But, poor or apathetic service will turn off your guests even if your product is world class.

  • Service isn’t just about the tips. Whether your job is tipped or not, aspiring to provide good service is a way for anyone to excel in their work, to keep a positive outlook and to earn the respect of their peers.

Do you think you know it all about wine and beverage service, or are you just learning the ropes?

Take a look through this information for useful tips on providing superior service.