Restaurant Consulting

Marnie’s restaurant consulting clients get the benefit of her experience and insights from an industry leader. Whether you’re designing a new beverage program from the ground up or re-tooling an existing operation, Marnie and her team can be of invaluable assistance. 

Old Wines LLC can provide services like:

  • Total Beverage Program Design
    Marnie has designed award-winning beverage programs that are both creative and cost-conscious, for a wide range of operations from complex wine-centric fine-dining restaurants to casual neighborhood bars. By keeping the customer’s needs in mind and respecting space, budget and time constraints, Marnie is able to create a win-win situation for owners and guests alike.
  • Staff Training
    With her signature teaching style and talent for motivation, Marnie’s ability to engage staff has proven invaluable in many successful openings. Whether you need intensive opening training or assistance with ongoing training and new hire programs, Marnie’s uncommon ability to overcome the hurdles of wine education will be a morale booster.
  • Wine List Assessments
    Need a fresh pair of eyes to give a frank diagnosis of your wine list’s problems?  Want to take a tired menu to the next level?  Marnie’s in-depth written reports provide a cost-effective answer. Looking far beyond product selection questions, her insights reveal how many wine lists and beverage menus send unintended messages to your clientele that may be hurting the bottom line.
  • For further information, please contact Old Wines LLC, at 215-551-1390.