Are you in the biz? The resources collected here are just for you.

Beverages like wine, beer and spirits play a critical role in the hospitality industry.¬†Wine knowledge and service skills are at a premium, as restaurants continue to multiply.¬†Whether you’re looking to improve your skill set as a server or to become a better trainer as a manager, whether you’re a new recruit on a job hunt or an owner seeking professional guidance for your own restaurant, check out the options below.

  • Refining Your Beverage Service
    What do you do with the cork? Why is up-selling a dangerous game? Brush up on everyday service basics or learn about fine-dining standards.

  • Improving Your Beverage Knowledge
    Motivated to learn more about wine, beer and spirits as a career move? Here are tips on everything from study strategy to recommended reading.

  • Beverage Management & Staff Training
    Need ideas on how to revitalize your beverage program? Bar managers, sommeliers and beverage directors can find insights on topics like menu design, training techniques and mentoring.

  • Restaurant Consulting
    Do you need Marnie’s help?¬†Old Wines offers consulting services, from long-distance wine list ‘report cards’ to complete beverage program design.¬†Contact us for a quote on custom advisory services in matters of wine, beer, spirits, service and hospitality.

  • Join Marnie’s Team
    Live in the New York or Philadelphia area? Sign up for volunteer opportunities to expand your beverage experience.

  • So, You Want to be a Sommelier?¬†Are You Sure?
    This job looks glamorous, but it’s not for everyone.¬†Here are a few things any aspirant should consider before launching a sommelier career.