Beverage Management & Staff Training

Wine, beer and spirits may be inherently social, but beverage management can be an isolating profession in many ways.¬†Unlike a restaurant’s chef, who leads a team of line cooks and sous-chefs, the sommelier or bar manager is usually flying solo.¬†Often over-worked and under-staffed, the beverage department has unique challenges to offset its tempting psychic rewards.¬†Check out some of Marnie’s insights into tackling the unique challenges of the beverage manager’s position.

Staff Training

Staff training is the secret to the success of many of the finest beverage programs. But, we need to look beyond standard operating procedure to provide the tools our servers need to sell more wine. Download the following documents:


Beer is the New Wine


Sommeliers and restaurateurs ignore the growth of the quality beer movement at their peril.¬†Here are some of Marnie’s thoughts on beer for wine professionals. Coming soon: