If you’re curious about wine, beer or spirits, you’re in the right place.¬†Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a pro looking to brush up on your knowledge, you’ll find useful tools and terrific insights here.

Trying to figure out how the wine world works?

Wine – The Big Picture is the right place to start.¬†From how to taste wine like a pro to how wines are made, from how to read wine labels to how to serve wine properly, this section distills complicated wine topics into coherent plain English in Marnie’s signature style.

Looking for information on particular wine styles?

Check out the resources available under Wine Specifics РRegions & Styles. You’ll find what you need organized by grape, by region and by style, plus Marnie’s opinion on wine trends, like corks vs. screwtops and wine shopping strategies.

Wish you felt more confident choosing wine for a meal?

Cut to the chase and visit Wine & Food Pairing, full of down-to-earth advice from a seasoned professional. Discover the principles that govern pairing and how your senses really operate. Learn how everything you put in your mouth changes how the next thing tastes, and some simple pointers for finding flattering combinations.

Want to converse about wine more comfortably?

Dying to decode obtuse label text? From definitions of wine tasting terms to pronunciation tips for tongue-twisting imported wine names, you'll be glad you found our helpful Wine Glossary. You’ll have wine lingo down in not time.

Ready to branch out into other fascinating fermented beverages?

Explore Beer, Cider & Sake. These extraordinary products offer many of the same advantages as wine. All are natural, healthful products, food-oriented and suited to a lifestyle of moderation, whose layers of flavor complexity come thanks to the miraculous action of yeasts during fermentation.

Curious about cocktails and other alcoholic concoctions?

Take a peek at our offerings under Spirits & Cocktails. You’ll find discussions of established liquor categories as well as insight into current bar trends.

Find alcoholic geography intoxicating?

Get a sense of how the lay of the land affects wine style in our collection of Wine Maps, from the crazy-quilt intricacy of Burgundy’s cru-ranked vineyards to emerging wine zones of the Southern Hemisphere.