Here is where you’ll find some basic information on some popular styles of wine.¬†If you’re just getting started, you’ll feel more comfortable once you’ve had a chance to review the previous sections, like Wine Tasting and Wine – The Big Picture.

Wines by Grape Variety

Wines made from different types of grapes, called grape varieties, share certain distinctive characteristics.¬†You’ll find useful insights into some of the most popular below. Download the following documents:


Wines by Region

Wines grown in different regions are influenced by the unique combination of climate, soil and topography found in each. Geography also has a distinctive influence on wine style. PDFs coming soon:


Wines by Style

Some specialty wine styles are made by making changes to standard winemaking techniques. PDFs coming soon:


Wines Trends & More

There are all kinds of changes taking place in the wine world.¬† Here are some of Marnie’s insights on various topics. PDFs coming soon: