Seated Wine or Beer Seminars are a terrific choice for team-building, fundraising or for information-hungry audiences. Let Marnie provide a lively presentation accompanied by a guided tasting flight in an engaging and thought-provoking classroom-style event.

Seated seminars are most appropriate when:

  • Interest in wine or beer is the main draw for attendees.
  • Guests know each other very well, as with office colleagues, or not at all.
  • A meal is not part of the event plan, or is planned separately.

Marnie’s event services include planning and execution of your event, but not wine or other supplies. She may be able to select and coordinate the wine purchase, depending on event location, and is well versed in choosing delicious wines at reasonable prices.  She will coordinate with the caterer or host venue, and will provide direction on service and setup needs.

While Marnie is generally the headliner, it may also be possible to hire her company Old Wines to send a less experienced female wine speaker if her services fall beyond the budget. The resumes of such speakers can range from credentialed professionals, like former fine dining sommeliers, to aspiring apprentices. All would have the knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic required, but with less public speaking experience.