Want some one on one time with a top sommelier and wine educator? Marnie Old is available to host wine and beer events and to provide a variety of sommelier services.

Events & Entertaining

Marnie’s refreshingly different style of wine hosting is tremendously popular among those planning corporate events, fundraising affairs or distinctive dinner parties. Each event is custom-designed with the client’s goals and the guests’ comfort in mind. Marnie’s signature style is to defuse wine’s traditional stuffiness with modern science-based explanations in plain English, lightened with irreverent humor – think of it as “adult edu-tainment!”

  • Relaxed Walk-around Wine Tastings are an ideal way to thank clients, attract patrons or gather colleagues with a wine event that has the networking opportunities of a cocktail party.
  • Seated Wine or Beer Seminars provide a lively presentation accompanied by a guided tasting flight in an engaging and thought-provoking classroom-style event, perfect for information-hungry audiences.
  • Full-Service Wine or Beer Dinners add a layer of distinction to any gastronomic occasion, whether you need a private sommelier to tend to your guests when dining out or to accompany a catered evening in your own home.
  • Wine Event Planning Services provide the perfect resource for do-it-yourself hosts looking for a different approach to home entertaining. Consultation services range from making wine selections and coordinating rentals to creating customized menus and support materials.
  • Marnie’s Angels are a team of friendly and engaging wine hosts who may be available to host events for which Marnie is unavailable or beyond the budget.