Whether you’re looking for wine books or stemware, gift ideas or storage solutions, you’ll find terrific ideas below. Check out Marnie’s recommendations of her favorites.

Marnie’s Books

If you like Marnie’s unique approach to wine, you’ll love her lively and entertaining books!

Wine: A Tasting Course - Marnie's new book for 2014 - book cover

Launched in 2014, Wine: A Tasting Course is a revolutionary fully-illustrated introduction to wine that takes a refreshingly direct approach to making sense of this complex topic with a focus on topics of real-world relevance like wine shopping, food pairing, home entertaining and sensory basics. Marnie's concise explanations of illuminating organizing principles and clever infographics make this book appealing to the novice and aficionado alike.

Wine Simplified - Marnie's new book for the iPad/iPhone - book cover

Wine Simplified is an interactive how-to guide for the wine-curious that includes video tastings and tutorials, interactive guided tours, intuitive info-graphics and more than 200 audio files to model pronunciation of wine terms. Practical skills like tasting, pairing and shopping are the primary focus, along with a handful of powerful ideas and tricks of the trade that pave the way to vin-lightenment.

Wine Secrets - Advice from Sommeliers, Winemakers and Connoisseurs - book cover

Wine Secrets is a treasure-trove of insider insights into the world of wine. Marnie has compiled a remarkable array of concise advice and practical tips as shared by 40 top wine experts. Vintners, sommeliers, authors and chefs provide useful information that makes wine easier to enjoy, along with Marnie's own pointers, on topics like Wine Shopping, Tasting Wine, Pairing Wine with Food and Serving Wine at Home.

He Said Beer, She Said Wine book cover

Marnie's first book He Said Beer, She Said Wine is co-authored with beer legend Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. In this good-natured debate on food pairings, she and Sam square off over which beverage is a better dining partner—beer or wine? With eye-popping color photographs on every page, this book is informative, entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny.

Other Books

Want to read up on the fascinating world of wine? Intrigued by the broad range of specialty beers?  Here is Marnie’s list of recommended reading, from entry-level primers to in-depth reference and everything in between.

Accessories & More

From sensuous wine glasses to sensible temperature-controlled storage units, from well-constructed corkscrews to wine-friendly seasonings, you’ll find a collection of Marnie’s favorite stuff here.